Citrix Consulting Best Practice Series

In these webinars, members of the Citrix Consulting team have taken an in-depth look at the steps to desktop virtualisation.

Beginning with the basics, looking at setting priorities, and passing on the knowledge needed to fully understand the processes, what is required for roll-out and of course the value of desktop virtualisation.

This series has been extremely popular and now, is available for you to view at your convenience.

Regardless of where you currently stand with your desktop virtualisation, feel free to look at a single phase or check out the whole series.


  • Introduction: Desktop Virtualisation: Your Insight into the world of Desktop Virtualisation
  • Phase 1: Establishing business priorities and mapping these to your desktop virtualisation project
  • Phase 2: Analysis - understanding your existing IT infrastructure
  • Phase 3: Design - key concepts and approaches for designing your desktop virtualisation solution
  • Phase 4: Build/Test - validating your design and making improvements
  • Phase 5: Rollout - Going Live and operational with your virtual desktops

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