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If you follow a few simple principles, desktop virtualization projects are pretty straightforward.

But if you barrel ahead, ignoring little things like users, apps, data and hardware, you could be in for a bit of a train wreck.

So we thought we'd make this easy – with a new eBook that captures best-practice deployment advice from six of the most experienced desktop virtualization experts: Desktop Virtualization Deployment Insights: Six Experts Share Their Advice.

The Experts
These guys have over a hundred successful deployments under their belts:

Jarian Gibson
Virtualization Practice Manager
Choice Solutions LLC

Steve Greenberg
Founder and Chief Architect
Thin Client Computing
(And a Citrix Technology Professional)

Shane Kleinert
Solutions Architect
JDL Technologies
Dan Allen
Lead Architect
Citrix Consulting Services

Robert Morris
Virtualization Consultant & Trainer
(And a Citrix Technology Professional)

Nick Rintalan
Solutions Architect
Citrix Consulting Services

The Advice
Tips from the front lines on what makes deployments successful, including:

  • Setting clear goals
  • Understanding your users and your apps
  • Thinking about your hardware
  • Centralizing your data
  • Testing effectively
  • Building and leveraging your team
  • Managing change
No matter where you are in your own desktop virtualization program, these experts can help.

Download the Six Experts eBook