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Issue 42, May 2014

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Planning your migration to the latest XenApp? Here is how…

Cris Lau, Sr. Product Manager, Desktop and Apps Group

Cris Lau

In the last few months, I’ve talked to many customers who are beginning to plan out their migration to latest version of XenApp. Recognizing migration can be complex, regardless of software or vendor, I want to offer an insight into migration options available to customers today and also migration tool that Citrix is working on to simplify migration of settings and migrate you XenApp 6.5 servers without having to rebuild servers.

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Demystifying KMS and Provisioning Services

Mitra Ahi, Escalation Engineer, Provisioning Services


As many of you may have probably experienced, activating KMS licenses for streamed images can become tricky from time to time. Unfortunately, the impact of these licensing issues in production environments is high by causing downtime and a loss of productivity. In order to eliminate the most common root cause of license activation failures, procedural issues, the following KB article was created: // Building on the knowledge gained by working with customers on their Escalated Support cases, we thought it was time to consolidate some of the tips and pitfalls into this blog post.

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Turbo Charging your IOPS with the new PVS Cache in RAM with Disk Overflow Feature!

Miguel Contreras, Principal Consultant, Americas Consulting

Miguel Contreras

When using Provisioning Services one of the most important things to ensure optimal performance is the write-cache type. Which option should you use? Where should you store it? You want to make sure it is fast, but you don’t want it to break the bank. Up until now, “Cache on device’s hard drive” was our leading practice and the option that provided the best balance between performance and cost. However, there is a “new” option now that not only increases the performance, but it can also help reduce the cost! In the first part of this blog series you will find out which is the new write-cache option, how it works, its benefits, and how much it boosts the storage throughput!

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