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Issue 43, June 2014

The Month's Features

Introducing the PVD Image Update Monitoring Tool

Sandesh Hegde, Senior Software Engineer - Desktop and Apps Group

Sandesh Hegde

At Citrix we are always trying to bridge the gap between our Products and Customer expectations. Administrators using Personal vDisk feature of XenDesktop always asked for better monitoring support. To fulfill our customers' expectations we’re releasing a new tool to monitor the process of updating the Personal vDisk machines. This Tool achieves the dual purpose of a stop-gap solution until required monitoring in Desktop Studio and a feedback mechanism for Citrix to implement better monitoring for Personal vDisk machines in Desktop Studio.

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Compare Citrix XenDesktop vs VMware Horizon View – End User Monitoring and Support

Thomas Berger, Sr Product Marketing Manager

Thomas Berger

Imagine a virtual desktop user reports a performance issue, you open the admin console and all information that is provided is that the user has a session and when it was started. Imagine it is Monday morning and no users can connect to their virtual desktops or apps, but you don’t know about it (until a bunch of angry users storm into your office and shout at you). Imagine you would like to add more users to your environment and the network admin asks you about how much bandwidth this will require, but you have no idea. Sounds like a management nightmare, doesn’t it?

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Citrix XenDeskop vs. VMware Horizon View: How Citrix SmartAccess Provides Better Security

Roger LaMarca, Senior Consultant, Citrix Consulting

Roger LaMarca

As the name suggests, SmartAccess allows policies and resources to be intelligently applied based on different conditions such as the user’s location and endpoint software. The ability to dynamically adjust to changing conditions is a must have feature for any deployment that has users roaming between different locations and devices. SmartAccess allows you to strategically align with business priorities while offering users a better user experience.

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