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Issue 45, August 2014

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Diving deeper into the latest XenDesktop 7.5 IOPS results

Daniel Feller, Lead Architect, Desktop and Apps Group

Would you believe that I could run about 100 VDA users from a single 15,000 RPM disk? Results from the new RAM Cache with Disk Overflow feature in latest release of XenDesktop and XenApp, you probably could. With the initial analysis, we learned the average steady state IOPS for an average user was 0.09 IOPS (not a typo). But averages only tell you part of the story. What if we go deeper?

Dive deeper

Less than 1 IOPS per user with XenDesktop 7.5

Daniel Feller, Lead Architect, Desktop and Apps Group

Daniel Feller

When it came to VDI, one of the most important words was IOPS. Without enough IOPS capacity, user experience drastically suffers. The goal has always been to get more capacity with limited cost, and XenDesktop has with 7.5 release, which included a new feature for Provisioning Services, RAM Cache with Disk Overflow. The results are unbelievable. And the crazy improvement is not limited to XenDesktop, but also has similar results to XenApp.

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