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Issue 46, September 2014

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Mobile & Modern: How Deutsche Bank & RBS Transformed Their Workforce

Jessie Hill, Vertical Solutions Marketing Manager, Banking & Financial Services

Banks and other financial institutions are constantly seeking ways to stay on the leading edge of market competition. As early adopters of desktop virtualization technology, financial firms like Deutsche Bank and The Royal Bank of Scotland discovered first hand how Citrix enabled them to streamline IT and business operations to reduce costs and drive efficiencies and innovation, while simultaneously improving workforce productivity and enhancing the way bank employees interact with customers to drive the utmost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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6 reasons why government agencies continue to choose Citrix

Faisal Iqbal, Director, Systems Engineering – Public Sector

Citrix has helped to transform over 600+ US Government agencies by helping to enable key uses cases such as telework, multi-layer solutions, app delivery and thin-client computing. Massive Scalability, Compliance and Security are key requirements for all agencies spanning from the VA hospital to our National Defense apparatus. The US Government has chosen Citrix to accomplish their mission needs time and time again.

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Lighting up XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6 on Clouds Across the Globe

Geralyn Miller, Strategic Alliance Marketing

Cloud Providers across the globe are lighting up their datacenters with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6, easing deployment and addressing data sovereignty issues. The Citrix Ready IaaS Cloud for XenDesktop program gives Citrix customers the peace of mind that a given cloud provider’s IaaS offering is suitable for deployment of XenApp/XenDesktop. A growing list of verified cloud providers gives customers choice when it comes to geographic location and level of service.

Clouds Across the Globe

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