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Issue 47, October 2014

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The Way to a Mobility Transformed Business: the Software-defined Workplace

Matthew Morgan, Vice President of Global Product Marketing

Marc Andreessen was right—software really is eating the world. While in the past office productivity was determined by physical constraints, with people tethered to specific zones of productivity like buildings and desktop computers, we’ve moved beyond that now. Software can take us beyond those limitations to do what we need to do, when and where we need to do it. This article explores how Citrix is re-defining the workplace by delivering the industry’s first Software Defined Workplace.

Redefining Your Workplace

Printing Planning for XenDesktop and XenApp - Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook

Ed Duncan, Senior Consultant

XenApp and XenDesktop support a variety of different printing solutions. In order to design and implement a proper printing solution, administrators should understand the different technologies available as well as their benefits and limitations. The updated Printing section in the Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook covers the printing decisions and best practices that administrators should consider when deploying a XenApp and XenDesktop environment.

More Printing Solutions

Tech Preview: XenDesktop Windows Azure Pack Gallery Image

Chris Witeck, Principal Technology Strategist

Citrix Labs recently released the XenDesktop 7.5 Windows Azure Pack Gallery Image. This blog post takes a closer look on where Windows Azure Pack fits within the Enterprise and how the XenDesktop Windows Azure Pack Gallery Image allows for rapid and automated XenDesktop deployments in a private/hybrid cloud scenario.

Preview Azure

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