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Issue 35, October 2013

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XenDesktop 7 Videos Posted on CitrixTV DIY Channel!

Allen Furmanski, Lead Readiness Specialist, WW Readiness

Allen Furmanski

Have you had a look at XenDesktop 7 yet? Are you planning an implementation or currently working through one? Allen Furmanski from the Worldwide Readiness Team has put together some videos outlining how to perform key tasks. Get up-to-speed quickly on topics such as setting up a site, application delivery, server load balancing and much more. Allen breaks the concepts down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to consume.

Watch the videos now >

XD Tipster – Creating HDX Policies Through PoSH

Michael Glover, Senior Readiness Specialist, WW Readiness

Michael Glover

Do you think you know all there is to know about creating and managing HDX Policies in XenDesktop? Are you a command line junkie who gets sick of the day to day grind of the manual interaction with Citrix Studio or GPMC? Well, with the ever increasing trend towards automation for building, maintaining and supporting large scale infrastructure and with XenDesktop's tight integration with PowerShell (PoSH) there is a relatively unknown, fun and creative way to start managing your HDX policies.

Click on the link below and follow the process >

Plan Ahead with XenDesktop Bandwidth Daily Average

Amit Ben-Chanoch, Consultant, WW Consulting

Amit Ben Chanoch

Having insufficient bandwidth for your XenDesktop deployment can lead to poor performance, dropped sessions and reduced productivity. Have you considered whether the desktop image is properly optimized? Do you know what the preferred method is for WAN video delivery? Have you wondered what the average and burst bandwidth requirements are for typical users? The worldwide consulting team answer these questions and more in a five part blog series on HDX bandwidth requirements.

Learn how to plan your XenDesktop bandwidth daily average >

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